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The #1 spot on Google search results gets 85% of the traffic. If your business website is buried on page 2 and beyond, you might as well not even have one. Not sure where you rank? Contact us today for a quick consultation. We will perform a Free Website Audit and let you know what needs improvement. No commitment, just some info

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With out consistent maintenance, page submission, and continuous tweaking of your site. most search engines will drop your ranking for not having enough relevant content and being a leader in your field. We understand the search engine algorithms and will do this for you on a quarterly, monthly, and or daily basis

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We have many way to get your site optimized and ranking quick

Website design

Website design has moved leaps and bounds in the past few years. There are allot of factors "Your Site" will be judged upon by search engines. Additionally it must be Mobile compliant. Almost everyone searches local and national companies from their smart phone, if your site is not optimized for mobile devices you could be missing out on allot of potential customers and sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Allot of companies out there say they can SEO your website. We Keep our circle small and our clients happy with measurable results and reporting. So you can see what we do and how its benefiting you and your company. And guess what ! We answer the phones when you call. You are OUR client we are responsive and always available.

Lead Generation

We will help your company generate more leads. More leads equals more sales, Let us do the lifting and you do the selling. We can help you optimize your site for more lead generation or we can build some lead generating sites with our technology and send you the leads.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is what search engines look for plenty of relevant content. From the number of actual words on pages, Embedded videos, proper use of different HTML tags. Spelling errors and more. We have a staff of writers always writing new and fresh content we can add to your existing site giving you the BEST possible on page optimization.



Below are a small sample of out services. We provide 100% White Glove work and monthly reporting on all changes and progress

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Back Links

White glove back links can be one of the most powerful forms of SEO if you do not have any strong high trust flow links coming to your site. You will likely stay on page 10. We only use strong links with high trust flow and we always fly under the radar as to not have any spikes in Back-linking strategy. We never outsource to foreign countries to get instant links. The search engines see this and you could be penalized for doing this only hurting your rankings even more 

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Social Media

We have a department that can manage all of your social media and online reputation. We can run add campaigns while working on getting your pages ranked to give a spike in leads or just to back up an existing ad. We can also manage your posting activity. Everyone seems to have at least Facebook , Twitter or Instagram as a small business this can be hard to manage. Let us goto work for you and let you worry about all your new customers.

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Press Release

We have an in house team of writers and publishers that can make your company stand out from the crowd by using Press Releases. If your launching a new product or service, maybe a new employee. We can write some 2.0 pages and have them sent to our list of over 500 media sources this will bring allot of attention and relevance to your website giving you more trust  as an authority in your field of business.

Local Relevance Networks

Part of what we do is build small sometimes large blog pages about your business. We then link them with our sites that have allot of Trust flow and good search engine metrics. This will help hold you at the top of the rankings.

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Citations could be one of the most important things when it comes to being recognized by search engines. As part of our service we be get 100’s of correct and done right citations for your business. Google My Business and Bing my business are just of the major players in the citations field. Our team will get you squared away so that when the search engines crawl they see that everything is connected properly

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Everyone has questions here are a few that we encounter on a regular basis :

You will always have access to your website. We do need access to update and make changes to your site but ultimately it is yours and you are always in control.

We all live in a results now world, But with any project and yes even the internet things take time to propagate. We cannot guarantee immediate results you will see definable changes in your ranking thru our reports, there are allot of factors involved. But we have seen results in as little as 2 weeks but more realistically you should start seeing good ROI in 2-3 months time. And from there it only gets better.

We have never used contracts, its pay as you go with results. We have found that contracts get to binding, we trust in what we do and know it works. If you choose to stop working with us no problem. We have yet to lose a customer because of what we deliver. RESULTS 

Of Course ! However its like anything else with advertising or marketing little investment little results BIG investment BIG results. We will tailor a program to meet your needs, but what we have found is it does take a bit more time to get ranking and results. Because of the amount of work that is needed to get started and maintained. We have found that slow results make some people un happy and think that its “Not working” well it is it just takes more time.

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